Subject Revolutionary SoC for 3D Depth Extraction with a Single Camera: eWBM’s DR1152
Revolutionary SoC for 3D Depth Extraction with a Single Camera: eWBM’s DR1152

eWBM Co. Ltd, a Korean fabless SoC company, is releasing its depth extraction SoC: DR1152. This device generates 3D depth information of an object, as well as RGB and IR images without using multiple sensors or an IR emitter.

SEOUL, South Korea, April 24, 2017 - DR1152 generates the distance information of an object with a single RGB-IR CMOS image sensor by comparing blur sizes of RGB and IR pixels. The RGB/IR images are captured through apertures of different sizes, which result in a difference in blurriness between the two images. Major sensor companies have developed RGB-IR image sensors for security and surveillance cameras, and most of them are compatible with DR1152.

The DR1152-based camera module obtains an object’s RGB/IR information without any active light devices. This leads to smaller sized and lower power depth processing applications, which will be perfect for outdoor uses.

The DR1152 supports depth image up to an XGA at 30 frames per second or of a VGA at 60 frames per second. The SoC’s distance calculation error can be as low as 100 um for close objects, which makes it capable of extracting many specific details of depth information of an object with proper optical settings.

This solution can also extract 3D depth information using a normal 3-color RGB image sensor by properly tuning the aperture filters. eWBM believes that the 3-color adaptation will open a new market sector, as it widens the image sensor choices.

The depth map processing engine of the SoC is powered by the company’s many revolutionary technologies, such as an adaptive blur channel combining, depth noise reduction, and edge thinning.

A comprehensive SDK (Software Development Kit), as well as the necessary firmware and drivers, is available for application developers for both the Windows and the Android platforms. The SDK helps customers conveniently develop 3D applications on various platforms.

Considering its small size, low power, and low cost advantages, eWBM expects that the DR1152 will be widely used in various applications. These include gesture recognition solutions for AR/VR devices in multiple areas of mobile, automotive and gaming markets. This simple depth generation solution can also be utilized with its 3D and IR information to strengthen security technologies such as face recognition. Smartphone camera functions, such as photo refocusing and background removal, are expected to be enhanced by using this 3D technology. eWBM also provides DR1152 development boards with a working camera module to help potential customers develop a variety of applications.


eWBM Co, Ltd. is a fabless SoC company focusing on two technology sectors: depth map image processors and secure MCUs for IoT applications. For more information, visit: www.e- wbm.com

April 24, 2017, Embedded Vision Alliance