Subject MS500 is applied to secure LoRa module of SK Telecom.
SK Telecom (President Park Jeong Ho) registered a new LoRa (Long Range) module, equipped with security features, on the SK IoT Portal on November 16.

This secure communication module, where the LoRa networking technology (one of the Low Power Wide Area Network technologies) is applied, was developed by Device Design, Co., Ltd. They chose to use eWBM’s security MCU “MS500”, instead of the other MCU used in their older version of the module, which did not provide hardware security accelerators in it.

With this module they dispelled the persisting security concerns with the existing LoRa modules, by applying powerful security features such as JTAG Debugging Prohibition, Secure Storage and Secure Boot.

URL : https://lora.sktiot.com/introduction/device/module5.do